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I'm Angel,

mama to my little ocean child, Sebastian. No work in the world for me is more important than ushering a consciousness from the womb through life. And he keeps me humble, that’s for sure.

Out in the world, I co-founded Death Over Dinner and Drugs Over Dinner, I write and host events for EOL, and work one-on-one with a limited number of clients in a coaching container. I served as Co-founder of Yoga in Common in coastal SC and, since 2010, have led teacher trainings focused on emotional and somatic intelligence, always circling back to non-dual awareness. I lead meditation teacher trainings, prep courses, death meditation facilitator trainings, workshops, and sacred medicine retreats. I save space for a few clients each month to focus on psychedelic integration, as this work is close to my heart.

Way back in 2011, I created The Yoga Bus and traveled the country with my two dogs living in an RV I helped build from the ground up. The focus was healing traumas in populations with little access to support. I furthered this work in South Africa in 2012 via TRIAD Trust, an organization centered on HIV education and prevention, in a region believed to have a 40% infection rate. I’ve engaged extensively with at-risk youth in the U.S., from creating a yoga program in a socio-economically challenged school to teaching meditation while living in a national forest for wilderness therapy.

Buddha Statue

My Story

More recently, I’ve been blessed and grateful to work alongside Dr. Gabor Maté in trauma-healing retreats utilizing plant medicines such as ayahuasca and his method of Compassionate Inquiry. This work continues to ripple out into everything I do.


I speak and teach on how to face death + dying as a means to live fully; how to navigate and heal the root beneath addiction; how to integrate past traumas, and how to restore authenticity + purpose and live in intimate relationship with it.

I chose a non-traditional path for my life and work, to understand, and heal, the root of suffering. To go a step further, and transmute pain into power. Because I have gone deeply and repeatedly into the center of my own darkness (and light), my capacity to walk with you through yours is vast and steady.


The thread that runs through my life and work - whether with death and dying, addiction, trauma healing / attachment, or cultivating awareness - is the intention to reduce the perception of distance between us. Between self and other. Between self and Self.

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